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Ok, I think I've written enough little bits here and there that I can almost justify having one of these.

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CHAOS Ficlet: Rapidfire
Title: Rapidfire
Author: lena7142
Fandom: CHAOS
Characters: Rick, team
Genre: Action/Teamfic
Rating: T for violence
Warnings: Minor OC death, tw: guns.
A/N: Thanks to faye_dartmouth for betaing!

Summary: Rick is full of surprises.

In sum: everything has gone to hell...Collapse )

CHAOS Fic: [I'll Follow You] Into The Dark
chaos don't mean
Title: [I’ll Follow You] Into the Dark
Author: lena7142
Characters: Casey, Billy
Genre: Supernatural, Angst
Warnings: Violence, Character Death (Sort of), general dark weirdness
A/N: I totally blame faye_dartmouth. And my weird dreams. But mostly Faye.

Summary: Casey's seen things. Done things. Known things. And he knows that what he's aware of is just the tip of the iceberg. So when something goes wrong on a mission, Casey is prepared to go into the dark places hidden to most people in order to fix it -- and get Billy back.

Casey tries to stop the blood.Collapse )

Primeval Ficlet: Zen and the Art of Fire
Title: Zen and the Art of Fire
Author: lena7142
Fandom: Primeval
Character: Stephen Hart
Words: 800
Rating: Gen, K+
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Notes: I know it’s been forever since I wrote Primeval fic, but out of the blue the other day I ended up writing a little one-shot (or, many shots, if you pardon the pun) character study of Stephen. Thanks to faye_dartmouth for beta-ing. I hope you enjoy!

Stephen exhales slowly, his finger tightening on the trigger...Collapse )

White Collar Fic: Five Times Neal Fell Asleep in Peter's Car
chaos don't mean
Title: Five Times Neal Fell Asleep in Peter’s Car
Author: lena7142
Genre: Friendship, H/C, Humor. Gen.
Spoilers/Warnings: None
Characters: Peter and Neal
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~4800
Summary: Five occasions in which Neal fell asleep in Peter’s car. And the one time when he didn’t.
A/N: In response to azertynin’s prompt at the Collar Corner lj comm. Many thanks to faye_dartmouth for being my beta, cheerleader, and general support system in life.

Most mornings, Caffrey is ready to go...Collapse )

CHAOS Fic: Bites and Pieces
chaos don't mean
Title: Bites and Pieces
Author: lena7142
Fandom: CHAOS
Genre: Mild H/C, humor, teamfic
Characters: Billy, Michael, Casey (pre-series)
Warnings/spoilers: none
A/N: Written for the “bites” square of my hc-bingo card. Many thanks to faye_dartmouth for the beta.

Summary: Spies are used to dealing with bugs, but not usually the buzzing, flying kind. A mission in the jungle leads to misery abounding for the ODS...

"Michael."Collapse )

I joined HC-Bingo...
chaos don't mean
My hc_bingo cardCollapse )

CHAOS Fic: A Hundred Thousand Flaws
Title: A Hundred Thousand Flaws
Author: lena7142
Fandom: CHAOS
Character: Billy
Warnings: Torture (nonexplicit)
A/N: Written for faye_dartmouth, with many thanks for her betaing services.

Billy curls up tight...Collapse )

Five Times Billy Let Go
Title: Five Times Billy Let Go (And One Time He Held On)
Author: Lena7142
Characters: Billy, team
Genre: Bit of angst, bit of h/c, bit of fluff
A/N: Written for and beta’d by my fanfic soulmate, faye_dartmouth

They put him on the red-eye...Collapse )

Mentalist Fic: The Death of Me
chaos don't mean
Title: The Death of Me
Author lena7142
Characters: Lisbon, Red John, Jane
Warnings/Spoilers: Set s2-s3ish, probably no major spoilers. Major Character Death. Rated for violence.
A/N: This is my first foray into the Mentalist fandom, having recently fallen madly in love with the show. Apologies for writing a very dark first fic -- I tend to hurt the things I love. Thanks to faye_dartmouth or beta-ing my messy writing -- remaining typos and nonsense are my own fault. (And yes, I know, I wrote something other than Chaos! Le gasp!)

Summary: Red John is an artist, and the people he changes and shapes are his work; but who will be his masterpiece? (character death)

"Alright people..."Collapse )


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